About Us

QB Certification is an international organisation with a accreditation with scotland accriditation . Our company is specialized in CE marking, European Product Safety Regulations and International Product Safety Regulations (USA Compliance, CCC, CSA, GOST ). We provide our expertise to designers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors and various other organizations in order to ensure that they meet all requirements needed for compliance with European Union Directives and International Regulations.

Our expertise is based on a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge in product safety, engineering, quality assurance, technical documentation and the use of test facilities Our legal department covers all aspects of product liability and the legal consequences that arise from the European product legislation.

QB Certification is an international certification body. QB Certification is one of the fastest growing international certification body consisting of highly experienced professionals offering the latest in systems certification and promoting quality concepts. This issue guarantee professional level of work and approach. QB Certification certification is expanding its operations worldwide very fast. QB Certification certification has its offices worldwide.

QB Certification operates from India, Asia and Middle East . It provides us the understanding to the needs of regions across the world, and these global resources provide expertise and best-in-class competence in certification processes. To this effect, our client retention is unparalleled in the industry for information reporting and value adding principles.

We offer the latest in system & product certifications and promote quality concepts.


Our Mission is to provide courteous, friendly, ethical, "adding-value-assessment", certification services with integrity. We are a consumer-centric management systems certification body with mission, values and vision with purpose services that enhances operations and administration performance of client-organizations. By abiding to legally binding charter to the protection of consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives.


Our prime motive is to provide cost effective certification services to our client base that adds value to and supports the concept of the continuous improvement of aspects of their business processes regardless of the size or location of the client.


We at QB Certification are committed to improve business performance of our clients/customers with effective certification of management systems, inspection and verification and add value to the process/system during surveillance audits.

QB Certification has designed and implemented a certification of the management system modeled along the lines of National & International Standards.

QB Certification aims at providing independent, impartial, non-discriminatory assessment & certification via cost effective manner and accessible within defined and approved scope of certification.